Fellow Wisconsin Democrats,

We’re just four days from electing the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s next leadership team. Today, the Capital times released an editorial supporting Ben and our campaign. Click here to read the article, and if you're so inclined, we'd love if you would share it on social media to help spread the word!

We, Ben Wikler, Felesia Martin, & Lee Snodgrass, are running to take our party to the next level—on a platform that spells out the word FIRE.

FIRE stands for Fight on issues, between elections (click here for more on this); Include & Respect everyone, across races and in every part of Wisconsin (read more at this link); and Empower activists and county parties through better data, technology, and training.

This email is about our plan to empower the grassroots of the Democratic Party.

The principle is simple: if you want more people power, give more people more power.

That core principal touches every aspect of our work as Democrats, but today, let’s focus on three in particular: data, technology, and training.

Datagood data—is a necessity for good campaigning. If you’ve ever spent an hour phone banking and just hit one “wrong number” after another, you know what we mean. We can’t let the data disasters of 2016 repeat themselves. Our ticket will work with national partners and county parties to upgrade our data infrastructure, raise money to buy information about “no ID, no data” voters (such as those who’ve recently moved), and make sure we make the VAN consistently accessible to those who need it—and provide swift support so everyone can use and improve it.

Technology can transform campaigns. But, as the writer William Gibson said, “The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed.” Let’s put the most powerful campaigning technology in the hands of every Democrat. To take one example: text messages. Most door knocks and phone calls aren’t answered. But 97% of text messages are read by their recipients. At MoveOn, we built a tool called Spoke that costs 1/10 as much as what the DPW is using today, and it transformed the way we organize. In 2018, half of all of our volunteer shifts were filled via text message recruitment. Let’s get peer-to-peer text messaging into the hands of every campaign and county party—and let’s bring the future of campaigning into the present, in every corner of Wisconsin.

Training transforms ideas into action. If we set up a text tool and back it up with great data, it only matters if people actually know how to use it. We’re going to invest in training to build up grassroots and county party capacity all over Wisconsin—on everything from the new tools we’ll be using to the core leadership and management skills that make our work stronger. We’ll support county-to-county training, webinars, and in-person training events that help unleash the talent and energy of Democrats all over our state.

Empowering people is at the heart of what Ben has done at; what Felesia Martin has done as co-chair of President Obama’s re-election campaign and co-founder of Organizing for America, and Lee Snodgrass’s work with the Girl Scouts and as chair of the Outagamie County Democratic Party. And it will be core to our work at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

If you believe in this platform, we’d be honored to earn your vote at the convention. And we’d be thrilled to work in partnership with you to make it a reality going forward.

To vote in the race for state party leadership, here’s what to do:

  • Check in at the convention to get your voting credential, on Saturday, June 1 from 11am-8pm, or 8am-10am on Sunday.

  • Vote between 8am and 12pm on Sunday, June 2—and bring your credential.

If you know you’d like to support our campaign, please go to Or you can learn more about our ticket and our campaign at our website,

We’re grateful to have earned the endorsement of more than 625 Democratic leaders and activists across the state, including every single current and incoming Congressional District chair; elected officials ranging from Congressman Mark Pocan to Assembly Reps including Katrina Shankland, Shelia Stubbs, Greta Neubauer, Jimmy Anderson, Lisa Subeck, Amanda Stuck, and State Senators Mark Miller and Fred Risser, and a slew of county and local officials from all parts of Wisconsin; and a rainbow of grassroots leaders.

We’re thrilled that, as we’ve crisscrossed the state, our message and track record have resonated with so many committed activists.

Looking forward to seeing you at the convention!

Ben Wikler, candidate for Chair
Felesia Martin, candidate for First Vice Chair
Lee Snodgrass, candidate for Second Vice Chair