1. Fight for the progressive agenda—organizing Democrats to push Republican legislators in battles like Medicaid expansion, clean water, and education funding, both to affect legislative outcomes and also to build the case for defeating those Republicans in future elections. Work with County Parties and allied groups to pressure the GOP—with everything from local press conferences to coordinated social media floods. Go on the offense.  

    Include & Respect

  2. Respect & include everyone, in every community and every part of Wisconsin. Every person has something valuable to offer, and nobody has all the answers. We'll work to ensure that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin honors the contributions and inherent dignity of everyone in our coalition—rural and urban, all races and genders, lifelong Party members and the newly activated folks alike—and that all voices are heard in party decision-making.


  3. Empower County Parties and activists to take their work in elections and advocacy to the next level. Raise funds to invest in cutting-edge technology to multiply the impact of volunteers' work, provide powerful training to help County Parties, Party members, candidates, and staffers improve their skills in the fights they care about, and offer a set of great resources to all candidates up and down the ticket—from peer to peer texting tools to templates for critical campaign planning materials. Work to knit together the field organizing coming out of the State Party, including the action teams, with the County Party system so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Fight. Include & Respect. Empower. That’s our platform: F.I.R.E.